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I accidentally attacked you, young Xia

I accidentally attacked you, young Xia

I accidentally attacked you, young Xia

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    I accidentally attacked you, young Xia
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    Xiao Daochen
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    Cook Books
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2022-08-05 16:20:48
As a salted fish who loves playing games, Wen Huan always has a favorite NPC it was about her feelings that moved heaven. One day, she actually went through it as for what happened after crossing... she knows a lot of people, and the game plot has changed. Her relationship with the people she likes seems to be better than that in the original book, but the problem is, why is she still a widower until now widows and widows... I still remember that it seemed the same in my previous life. She thought she could change the plot and harvest love after crossing the game, but the final result was - the plot changed, but love didn't seem to be at all and in the end, it seems that she can't change the fate of her sweetheart with others it is false to say that you are not depressed. As a result, who knows, on the day she ran out to drink, she crossed again what is all this... you are a kind man who saved her after waking up, but you seem to know her too well "ah Huan, are you thirsty?" young Xia asked Wen Huan then: "ah Huan, are you hungry?" "ah Huan, are you tired?" "ah Huan..." help Wen Huan said he wanted to go home.

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