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There is room for rebirth in the 1980s

There is room for rebirth in the 1980s

There is room for rebirth in the 1980s

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    There is room for rebirth in the 1980s
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    Li Wuxian
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    Mountain Book
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2023-01-25 02:44:54
The eldest brother died early in the last life. The second sister was blind due to illness and the third brother was autistic. He was poor all his life and scavenged for a living in his old age Zhou Xiang of this life, looking at the scrap metal in the space, is determined to turn waste into treasure study hard, open the road of learning hegemony, strive to improve family conditions and change the fate of the family life ideal: be a happy bachelor but what is the devil who always appears around him why don't you be your devil and I be my bachelor Why do you always bother me? Are you annoyed small theater: lingran: I bullied you to attract your attention Zhou Xiang: do you like me lingran: Yes, I like it at first sight Zhou Xiang: I won't be a housewife in the future. It's good to be single lingran: don't rush to refuse me. Don't you like children? Later, you can think about me.

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