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Mrs. Lu is divorced again

Mrs. Lu is divorced again

Mrs. Lu is divorced again

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    Mrs. Lu is divorced again
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    Xi Xi
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    People Books
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2022-08-30 06:31:44
In the rich circle of Cloud City, the beautiful and provocative Lu Jiasan is married! Everyone sighed and dared to offend San Shao. The good days of this woman are over who is Lu Jiasan? The most lawless master of the Lu family, the most powerful overlord in the Cloud City, is young and worth hundreds of millions. A face is exquisite, with eight abdominal muscles and a mermaid line. It is so good that it has attracted countless celebrities and beauties when Jiang Jiu looked at the man around him, he couldn't help feeling disgusted: handsome is really handsome, and slag is also real slag after marriage, there is a constant stream of gossip about the three children. But soon, the women in the lace news came to an extremely tragic end for a while, rumors surged. Everyone said that the third daughter-in-law of the Lu family was beautiful, but her heart was black and her hands were hot. She was too jealous and should be swept out of the house JIANG Jiu is gnashing his teeth with hatred. This rich family is too rich for her Lu Jinxing leaned sideways in front of the door and swayed with a floating smile, "Mrs. Lu, what do you want to do?" "divorce," Jiang Jiu raised his chin with a soft waxy voice, "the third young grandmother of the Lu family is not so easy to be, I give way, i delegate power..." before the voice fell, Lu Jinxing pinched her waist and pressed the person against the wall, "Well thought! If I don't lose these three words, Mrs. Lu, you will recite them for me all my life!" ... JIANG Jiu always knew that she and Lu Jinxing were not from the same world. He was a proud son of heaven and had the highest value. Her family was down in the world and she was notorious. But that day, she saw this man with her own eyes and was willing to abandon everything and go to her world through thorns and thorns. at first, he didn't see his intention. later, she was his only return.

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