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Succeed in marrying your sworn enemy

Succeed in marrying your sworn enemy

Succeed in marrying your sworn enemy

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    Succeed in marrying your sworn enemy
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    Eighteen chicken feet
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    Wine Novel
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2022-12-31 18:49:21
In the last life, Su Tingyin has been a killer for Qi Leng all her life. No matter how arduous the task is, she will fight for him. Every time she leaves, she has the determination to die. After decades of fierce fighting, Qi Leng finally becomes the master of the mountains and rivers in the prosperous age of Qi, but Su Tingyin didn't expect that she would die in his hands when she opened her eyes again, it was as if she had been born again. She came to a princess who had been assassinated and killed in a foreign country. She came back. She was no longer attached to the fickleness of people, but began to eat, drink and play, and enjoy everything she could not have at the wedding banquet, Su Tingyin saw Gu Zixian, her former enemy, but the other party didn't look at her at all, so Su Tingyin put down a handful of nuts, Standing in front of him with a smile : "I've heard that the king of Zhennan was born as the number one scholar lang. he was young, literate and martial arts. Everyone in the world praised him for his appearance and academic quality. Since there is no princess in the palace, I wonder if I can be lucky?" unexpectedly, Gu Zixian, I'll disgust you by changing my identity the other party took a sip of tea, got up and asked Qi Liang for an order : "Princess Jiasong is gentle and gentle, shakes her steps gently, and is happy with her minister. I can't bear to refuse. I hope your majesty will marry me. It's the best of the two countries." shit, you're still cruel the orchid in front of the study has not blossomed for three years. He is used to sitting here every day with the lights and candles on. He just watches the cold rain and the beautiful spring If a lover goes away, it will be hard for him to live.

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