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Undead human

Undead human

Undead human

Rating: 9 / 10 from 2554 ratings
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    Undead human
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    New moon of night
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    Sky Book
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2022-07-31 07:52:05
The year 2048 is called the end of the generation in order to fight for the rights and interests of their own countries, all over the world continue to secretly develop their own secret weapons in contemporary times, destructive nuclear weapons are monopolized by country a, which dominates the world, and other countries are not allowed to develop them secretly. However, country a not only uses the power of nuclear weapons to threaten countries, but also continues to use nuclear bombs all over the world, resulting in the proliferation of contemporary nuclear infection and the emergence of some unknown viruses, which are called nuclear infection the story takes place in an island country called country c narahi is immersed in his own world and isolated from the world every day, but on a day no different from ordinary days, he met Bojian seven cities. His appearance has created an extraordinary life that can never end!

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