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Dressed as a small imperial doctor

Dressed as a small imperial doctor

Dressed as a small imperial doctor

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    Dressed as a small imperial doctor
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    Mu min
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    Cook Books
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2022-08-06 06:23:22
Through the palace, you can open gold fingers it doesn't exist, Ye Zhen was almost beaten to death at this time, a hero will be arranged to save the beauty. No, Liu Xi is coming. he saved Ye Zhen and took her back If Ye Zhen survives the disaster, he must have a blessing well... It's true. After all, she hugged Liu Xi's thigh but soon she was sent out of the palace, because she had studied clinical medicine for five years, she failed to pass the examination of the medical officer in the palace, but it's no wonder that she, after all, studied western medicine, and all the prescriptions in the palace were traditional Chinese medicine before leaving the palace, she specially went to say goodbye to Liu Xi, but she was surprised to learn that Liu Xi was also going out of the palace... a nine prince who had no desire and no desire and a medical student who was determined to save the dying and heal the wounded, who is more difficult to love and love? Who is happier?

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