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Young lady is ruined again today

Young lady is ruined again today

Young lady is ruined again today

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    Young lady is ruined again today
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    A cherry tree
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    Happy Read
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2023-01-25 02:54:22
[super group pet + super cool fried + super rich + super young grandma + super cute pet + super funny] Leng Rongrong, a country girl who likes to lose her family, was forced to marry on behalf of her younger sister, and the marriage object is a rich family disabled if you are disabled, you can be disabled. Marry a chicken and marry a dog. Leng Rongrong wants to be open. After all, people are handsome. Oh, no, her medical skills are against the sky, and the dead can become living people. Naturally, it is not a problem for a disabled person to become a normal person one day, she suddenly found that her poor, ugly and crippled husband didn't seem to be poor, ugly and crippled. His face was suffocating, and he held the economic lifeline. His disability was all right overnight... her own husband was the bully who haunted her all the time and spoiled her all the time and the star xiaomengbao picked up the next day after marriage is actually the son of her and her disabled husband by accident, the disabled husband has become a spoiled wife, and the baby she picked up has become a real son. She seems to have made a lot of money one day, "young master, young lady has lost her family again!" Mo Sishao: "just let her lose. She's happy. I'm the richest man in the world. I can't afford to raise a woman who has lost her family. I can't afford to earn more!" "young master, young lady has lost her family again!" Mo Nanyu: "Well defeated, my mother will lose as much as she wants. Xiao Yuyu is just trying to make my mother rich and lose her family!" "gentlemen, your goddaughter has lost her family again!" three Godfathers and a master: "defeat, the goddaughter of such an important person, we can afford this money! Not enough? Why is it difficult? The movie queen will return to the Jianghu!" new book "After the collapse, I became the only favorite of the sick and charming film emperor"

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