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Your highness, please hold your hands

Your highness, please hold your hands

Your highness, please hold your hands

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    Your highness, please hold your hands
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    Nice to meet you
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    Only Novel
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2022-09-28 09:57:46
A Royal Princess from a thousand years ago, a young family owner who poisoned the inward family. Br > she came to this strange world with important tasks, and he loved her deeply in times she didn't know in a blind date, she sent herself to him. From being a perfect match to being willing to bow down, were they destined by God or someone's last resort ----- at first sight, she couldn't help sobbing: what a gentle and modest gentleman, but it's a pity that she is a short-lived ghost later, he was gentle and modest. He was clearly a wily Fox and a hypocrite with a knife in his smile ----- because of a contract, she was forced to follow him, but she became the target of siege by the golden ladies unlike ordinary female owners, they abuse slag by themselves. LAN Yuxi is busy and lazy. She has no time to pay attention to them at all as a result, the heavy responsibility of abusing dregs fell on him, which was nicknamed "pay the debts you make yourself" but she didn't want to. It was said that she was good for nothing except a face. she was so bored that Lan Yuxi had to suppress it himself but I didn't expect that someone was so clever that no one dared to come up and abuse her< Br>, so far, the circle also circulated such a sentence: "want to be satisfied with marriage, do not make complaints about Lan Xi." ----- Lan Xi Tucao Lingzhi fan, "clearly said that, I am only responsible for the beauty of flowers, you are responsible for abusing slags, now it is good, become I am responsible for abusing slags, you are responsible for beautiful flowers." "sweet pet, double A".

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