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The prince s favorite concubine s conspiracy strategy

The prince s favorite concubine s conspiracy strategy

The prince s favorite concubine s conspiracy strategy

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    The prince s favorite concubine s conspiracy strategy
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    Mountains and rain covered the city
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    Daily Novel
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[1v1 Shuangjie + Ba AI Du Chong + art of war strategy + happy ending] while eating, drinking and playing in the market, the cute little princess of Southern Chu met a handsome brother who was tall, handsome and beautiful when encountering danger on the road, Qiao elder brother, who is very skillful, helps others with justice the princess was grateful. Seeing that brother Qiao was shabby and poor, she invited him to the most expensive restaurant and theater in southern Chu to have wine and see the play... she thought she met the handsome young master, but she didn't know it was the barbarian jackals my brother is as handsome and elegant as a white faced scholar. His real identity is the commander-in-chief of millions of soldiers in Beiyan and the world-famous king of war the king of war is excited. If he fails to marry in every way, he becomes angry forge ahead and attack cities and land take away the princess and sing every night just when the wolf king thought he had domesticated her into a cute pet who refused to obey, he didn't know that his little white rabbit was secretly planning to escape and arrange troops... a sweet and Lovely War of seduction from the South against the barbarism and ferocity of the north also began... --- when she went to the market with him hand in hand to deceive his sincerity, she fell in love with a rabbit made of fur the stall owner said, "the rabbit and the wolf are together. The girl knows the goods, adds some silver and buys the wolf." She pouted: "nonsense, how can the rabbit and the wolf be a pair?" he paid happily and pinched her face full of meat: "I think they match very well." --- the author has a professional background as a screenwriter, and the writing is guaranteed to be updated. The introduction is not as good as the text, Welcome to read (the full text is not wordy, men and women almost always dominate the screen)

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