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One of God s eyes is sticky

One of God s eyes is sticky

One of God s eyes is sticky

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    One of God s eyes is sticky
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    Ice and snow period
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    Yipin Books
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2022-07-13 05:28:36
If I become a Buddha, there will be no demons in the world. If I become a devil, what can I do< Br> in an era of the end of the law, the false god Luo Chen woke up in his own body. With thousands of years of hatred, she is eager to be baptized with blood to reshape her fate< Br> however, the changes of the times caught her off guard< Br> "what magic weapon is this?" Luo Chen asked, pointing to the car speeding across the road< Br> "demon, take my sword." Before the words fell, bu Feiyu's robot became a pile of scrap iron< Br> things like this have happened many times, so Bu Feiyu had to feel heartache for her furniture while laughing like spring flowers to settle accounts< Br> "little sister, how can you repay the money you owe me?"< Br> Fu Po Luo Chen disdained this and took out a pile of treasures at will< Br> Bu Feiyu stretched out to take over the huge sum of money, but her heart was full of tears. "What about the poor guy? How can he be so rich?"< Br> although revenge must be done for a long time, Luo Chen is ready to do something, but there is always a tail behind him< Br> "little sister, take me with you. I know where the demon seed is."< Br> Luo Chen thought, "I know too", but said, "you're still useful, just follow.".

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