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Flower emperor s reincarnation Gu

Flower emperor s reincarnation Gu

Flower emperor s reincarnation Gu

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    Flower emperor s reincarnation Gu
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    Jin Xiaoye
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    The One Book
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2022-01-14 05:22:48
Xiangshi predicted: "the emperor's daughter's soul is like a ruminant dog. Once she reads it, she will become a devil forever. The third generation has changed fate and realized that life and death can control all sentient beings." Empress Wu said she was not satisfied. She finally created a single seedling and killed this nonsense old Taoist priest so they turned into daughter slaves one after another and wanted to give the world to her immediately unexpectedly, before he could enjoy the supreme glory, the brilliant Huadi ended up being reborn in the sheepfold and bullied by the little lamb... heaven and earth are unkind and take everything as a ruminant dog. Humanity is unfair, and the weak is the ruminant dog it doesn't matter. Even though her mother abused her and thorns grew, she teased her sister to upgrade all the way, and Shengsheng trampled on the pros and cons but I don't know that someone who is unruly is abandoned by the soft girls overnight, only because he is stared at by an unscrupulous shadow with uncertain weather, until the big changed living man appears in front of him Xu Ying: Madam, you can't run away.

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