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Clan power of those in power

Clan power of those in power

Clan power of those in power

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    Clan power of those in power
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    GUI Fu
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    Garden Novel
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2022-01-16 09:42:52
The lost marriage letter reappeared. Lin Yaoqing was jointly sealed by the four patriarchs and married Zhang Che, the young master of Zhang Jia. After several attempts to escape marriage, strange homicides without a whole body occurred one after another in Jinliang city. In the past, all the people at a 100 person banquet were shrouded in the shadow of extreme panic the dead are not dead, the dead are revived, the legitimate and common have their share, the good and the cheap are different, the brothers turn against each other, and the relatives are in harmony. Lin Yaoqing, who abandoned her husband and son, carried 18 sticks alone and vowed to die to correct the name of the family. What is the importance of love and family affection, and what is the right and wrong of clan power and justice? When the past pattern collapsed, the elated teenagers embarked on a different path from now on... however, after the storm, the boundary of Jinliang city quietly loosened, and a bigger conspiracy was waiting for them... Lin Yaoqing: "in the Lin family, I am the clan head!" Zhang Che: "You are my man in life, and you have to bury my grave in death!" Lin Yaohong: "elder sister, you have become the person you hate most." Ye Xueyan: "everyone begged me to let him go, but who was willing to let me go?"

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