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When the summer wind comes

When the summer wind comes

When the summer wind comes

Rating: 9 / 10 from 6670 ratings
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    When the summer wind comes
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    Mr. Xiao Jiang
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    Wine Novel
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2022-01-12 03:04:56
When I was young, I liked boys in white shirts and clean clothes. There are still men who like to wear white shirts, but they are not what they liked when they were young some people hated when they were young, perhaps just because most of their knowledge was only in books and they knew too little now, there is no one I like very much. The only thing I want to treat well is to take care of myself for the time being in this city that I don't like or fit, the scenery of "spring flowers, autumn moon and summer winter snow" only accounts for the hot summer in fact, I loved summer at first. At that time, I didn't hate it or reject it. On the contrary, I had some expectations. Now, I occasionally want to go back to that summer many years ago. I'm not afraid of the heat. There's no point in right or wrong. We're naive. We have you and me.

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