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Bow down for the gods

Bow down for the gods

Bow down for the gods

Rating: 9 / 10 from 8922 ratings
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    Bow down for the gods
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    Zhao Xing
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    Lava Novel
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2022-01-16 05:39:16
The Qing Dynasty said, "I woke up on the Bank of the East China Sea and didn't know where I came from. I didn't know the way back." "never mind." Xihe waved to him, "I'm praying for the birth at the foot of god mountain. I also didn't know where I came from, but if you like, my way back will be your way back in the future." in the starry moon sky and the magic pool, who's the spirit scattered, Who else is hurt by the petals of the fragrant rose all over the sky... in front of the jiuxiao hall, above the immortals, she pointed to the emperor of heaven, "I don't believe in heaven, earth, life, or you. Even if I step through the six heavenly ways, I'll find him back." however, thousands of sails have passed, but it's just a combination of yellow beams. Dream of a falling flower, wake up, can someone remember?

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